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SmartFinix offers the best eCommerce SEO services that help your eCommerce website to rank higher on search engine results and improve your brand value.

eCommerce SEO services

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What is eCommerce SEO?

If you own an eCommerce store, to close more organic sales, you need to make your online website more visible on the search engine result pages (SERPs). And this is exactly what eCommerce SEO helps in doing. This SEO technique will show up your products and services on the first page of the search engine results, signifying quality and your brand’s credibility.

So, at SmartFinix, we offer top-notch eCommerce SEO services that will make your online store rank as high as possible and help you acquire more organic traffic.


Why should you optimize your eCommerce website for SEO?

You must optimize your eCommerce store as per the latest search engine guidelines to leverage its rank high on SERPs and enhance your online exposure to the target audience. It will also help your store stand out from the crowd, gaining more customers and closing more deals.

eCommerce Stats 3

of people begin their shopping through search engines.

eCommerce Stats

of people find a new product on Google.

eCommerce Stats 2

of orders of eCommerce sites are directly related to organic traffic.


Benefits of eCommerce SEO services

There is a multitude of benefits you can avail yourself of for your brand through eCommerce SEO. This particular service is formulated in such a way that it suffices all the necessary prerequisites to boost your store’s online visibility, ranking, and potential leads.

Brand Awareness

Searchers of products often endorse the site ranking as the quality of the service. eCommerce SEO helps to build brand awareness through search engine result optimization at low costs. Ranking #1 increases the possibility of more clicks.

Generate Sustainable & Quality Traffic

eCommerce SEO implements the best SEO practices to increase the overall traffic to your eCommerce website while optimizing your site architecture and increasing the frequency of customer visits.

Generate a High ROI

Through eCommerce SEO, you can analyze the key performance metrics of your site properly and formulate improvements to increase the chances of creating the best return on investments by generating more sales and revenue.

SEO Helps Marketing Funnel

The eCommerce SEO services help in the conversion of the searches into transactions by making the customer move across the stages of awareness, interest, desire, and action for a successful business.

Build a Remarketing Audience

Placing cookies on your site for the display of advertisements through paid search mechanism will boost your remarketing campaign by re-targeting and reminding the old target customers who once landed on your page through organic search.

Reduced Price of Ads

All eCommerce websites use ads to generate traffic for the sale of their products. If website is already ranked on first page of search engine then no need to spend money on ads. Because first-page ranking generates sales organically.

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All Platforms

We can perform eCommerce SEO on these platforms

A wide range of platforms can be used to launch your eCommerce Websites. So, SmartFinix provides remarkable eCommerce SEO services on all these platforms to boost your business growth and sales.


Why choose our eCommerce SEO agency?

Our team is always there to build and boost your eCommerce website through tactful procedures and tools. With enhanced knowledge and long-drawn years of experience, we provide the best eCommerce SEO services to our customers. Besides, the following factors add more value to our services:

Why Choose Us


eCommerce SEO services we offer

We provide you with the best eCommerce SEO services that help you to gain better visibility in the search result and invite searchers to visit your site, converting them to your customers.

eCommerce SEO Auditing

We will fully audit your eCommerce website and look for flaws to come up with more effective SEO strategies. Our team will strive to optimize your content, develop a backlink profile, and perform other technical operations to enhance your store's visibility.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Our team conducts detailed research on keywords suitable for your niche and implements them in the right place and frequency on your web page content to optimize your eCommerce store’s visibility and ranking in search results.

Custom eCommerce SEO Strategy

As per the requirement of your eCommerce website, we strive to offer the best SEO services and make custom SEO strategy according to number of products in website, along with implementing various advanced tools.

Website Speed Optimization

Our team helps to increase the speed of your eCommerce website by using effective SEO techniques. Thus, with the fast page loading speed and without any uninterrupted delays and improve your user's experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We develop and infuse constant, incremental improvements to your site to enhance the eCommerce store’s rate of conversion. Our proven methods for persuasive web design & content representation to convert potential customers into regular ones.

Content Creation

We help optimize your eCommerce website with an excellent stack of product descriptions, graphics and keywords, which will help your store gain a high SERP ranking and earn the trust of customers in your brand.

Link Building Services

Our services will help you accumulate authentic and trustworthy backlinks to increase the opportunities for your sales. These inbound links promise an enlarged range of visibility for potential customers.

eCommerce PPC

PPC helps generate instant traffic to your eCommerce website for enhance product sales. We also provide google shopping ads and display ads to push our eCommerce SEO campaign.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a detailed monthly report of all the results obtained after the implementation of our eCommerce SEO strategies. The report Includes google analytics report, google search console report, and keyword ranking report.

Our Process

6 steps to perform eCommerce SEO

SmartFinix assists you in the journey of growing your eCommerce site by providing optimal SEO solutions. The process is a series of six effective and fruitful steps.

Website Audit

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis
Build Strategy

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Wonderfully consistent work throughout! We wanted a travel website that worked well on desktop and mobile, was quick and could grow with our company. SmartFinix did a good job on it. Since our industry is very competitive. They explain to us about SEO and at least On-page SEO must be done before launching any website. I will definitely recommend their services.

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SmartFinix developed an amazon affiliate website for us. They handled the full SEO of our website and have helped us reach a high ranking. The SmartFinix team is excellent. They put an incredible amount of effort into our project and always provide the right suggestion and information. They did an amazing job. Loved it.

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I hired SmartFinix to develop a website and need support for SEO and content marketing. As a product review site, I needed something scalable and user-friendly interface. SmartFinix delivered exactly that! Once the website was ready, they guide us for SEO and content marketing campaigns. So far, we're very happy with their work and will continue to work with the company on future projects.

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Our Work

SEO and web design case studies

We have created in-depth case studies of our previous and running projects that showcase our working methodology and service quality.

WordPress Website Design Case Study

Tour & Trek company in India, 90% organic traffic growth in 6-month.

Web Design


Instagram Marketing

Content Marketing

Website Management

WordPress Website Design Case Study

Mega Sale Online

Amazon affiliate website, 92% of organic traffic increased over the year.

Web Design


Website Management

Content Marketing Strategy

WordPress Website Design Case Study

KGN Biz Solution

Indian business process company based in Lucknow, web design case study.

Web Design

Website Management

Marketing Consultation

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions related to our eCommerce SEO services, along with their answers.

Yes, absolutely. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for your eCommerce business to rank at the top in the search engine results. Thus, we help you achieve such goals with our updated SEO techniques and their implementations.

Everyone, irrespective of the size of their business, can optimize their website for eCommerce SEO. It is crucial for small business owners to rank their businesses to get online visibility and long-term loyal customers.

Duplicate content in itself does not cause any harm, but due to the constant changes in Google’s algorithm, sites are being penalized for copying marketing content for products. Also, it is more of an ethical concern than beating Google’s algorithm. Hence, our eCommerce SEO services aim to write new content for every item in the store to retain authenticity.

Yes, we offer Schema Tags under our eCommerce SEO services. They are important in containing product information and can help you in the search engine optimization of your product website. Hence, we integrate product markup schemas into your site through our eCommerce SEO services.

Generally, it takes 4 to 6 months to show results on eCommerce websites. But with proper pre-planning and execution, one can expect better results in no time. Thus, we aim to make a monthly plan with target goals for every project so that we don’t lag behind in the competition.

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